Friday, 2 January 2015

Mozilla Firefox More than A Web Browser: Getting Started

Hi All,

This is to inform you that in my college we are organizing a mozilla oriented event known as

                   "Mozilla Firefox More than A Web Browser: Getting Started"
Only thing I feel sorry is that if public outside the college reading this, they won't be able to participate.
This time our college students only.  :)

We are having with us:

1. Ankit Gadgil:           Reps Mentor for Mozilla Firefox Pune
2. Diwanshi Pandey:    Reps for Pune Area, Lead Speaker of WOMOZ.
3. Siddharatha Rao:    Customization of Mozilla Firefox
4. Ankit Mehta:         

Please note:
1. Only 60 registrations are allowed.  (We will try to increase number a/c to your response).
2. It is on FCFS basis.
3. As this is free to attend hands on event, things you have to come with are:
    - Laptop
    - Installed with Latest Firefox: having language of your choice.

Date & Time:   17 Jan 2015 ,Saturday, 10:00 am to 4:00 pm
Venue:              Project Lab, 3rd Floor,
                        Dept of Computer Engineering,
                        MITAOE, Alandi,

If you are going to establish new Firefox club and while doing event if you need job roles for Committee members for organizing event, Here is a sample draft I have made.

You can download it from:

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