Thursday, 22 May 2014

IaaS based Private Cloud Features Competing/Compatible with AWS Public Cloud - Part 3

Now, we will take look at most important part of Computing called Orchestration.

10. Orchestration

Before going technical, lets see it simply. First in general, I am damn sure there is no one who has not yet heard about word Orchestra. What does it mean? A group of instrumentalists, especially one combining string, woodwind, brass and percussion sections. 
What important is their combination-cum-coordination ! Without it, neither there will be music nor they can play any song.
Similar, concept in Cloud. Orchestration is the component/service which helps to manage and scale all the components external and internal of the Cloud system so that they can co-ordinate and communicate with each other effectively ensuring smooth running of operations.

For me, that's all about what cloud components are ! I would go for table in brief which will compare the cloud components in context with AWS Public Cloud:

Cloud Services AWS Eucalyptus Openstack Cloudstack*
Identity & Access Management IAM CLC keystone CloudStack management server
Compute Internally NC Nova CloudStack agent
Object Storage S3 Walrus Swift --
Block Storage EBS SC Cinder --
Networking VPC, Direct Connect CC (works with other Components) Neutron,Nova --
Image Internally CLC Glance --
Database RDS, Dynamo DB, SimpleDB None Trove --
Billing/Logging CloudWatch CloudWatch Ceilometer CloudStack usage monitor
LoadBalancing ELB ELB Neutron CloudStack management server
Autoscale Autoscaling Autoscaling Heat CloudStack management server
Orchestration Internally CLC Heat CloudStack management server

*This section is under construction. Suggestions are welcome !


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